Clack.DIGITAL is us, Stefano (on the left) and Paolo (on the right), serving you music software that combines world-class DSP algorithms with a smooth, hassle-free, delightful user experience.

We want to emancipate you from uselessly fancy graphics, unfair copy protection, bombastic ads, hard-to-believe endorsements, misleading commercial practices, etc., and replace all that ridiculous and distracting circus material with peace of mind and joyful exploration, so that you can actually focus on your sound and create music everybody can enjoy.

Stefano has been helping big brands in the music industry for a decade now, both as a freelancer and with Orastron, the company behind Clack.DIGITAL. He has a Ph.D. in music signal processing and has coauthored about 20 scientific publications to date. He plays electric bass.

Paolo is (hopefully) about to get his Ph.D. degree soon for his research work on Ciaramella, a brand new audio DSP language he came up with. He plays piano.