No-nonsense virtual pedalboard for iPhone and iPad.
You better go get it while it's FREE!
  • 16 high-quality effect pedals
  • Zero-latency glitch-free engine
  • Supports traditional and amp-less setups
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Responsive high-resolution layout for any screen and orientation

Did you know that you can use your iPhone or iPad as a multi-effect processor for your electric guitar and bass? You only need an iOS-compatible audio interface and Just Pedals!

All setups

Just Pedals can sculpt your tone as part of a traditional effect chain, or otherwise spare you from bulky hardware and patching nightmares in fully amp-less setups with DI/headphone output, and anything in beetween.

Traditional setup
Amp-less setup

Superior sound quality

It delivers tremendous sound quality that easily rivals the best known and most expensive products on the market, both analog and digital. Furthermore, the sound processing engine is absolutely zero-latency and designed for a fully glitch-free experience, with interaction smoothing and fade in/out algorithms applied everywhere.

Overdrive + cab sim
Distortion + cab sim
Fuzz + cab sim
Bitcrusher + cab sim
Compressor + cab sim
Chorus + cab sim
Tremolo + cab sim
Delay + cab sim
Reverb + cab sim

Ergonomic user interface

We promise you'll be jamming immediately. The user interface is as uncluttered, focused, straightforward, intuitive and pleasant as it could possibly be. You'll just be faced with a bunch of pedals as you would in the real world. No settings or configurations, no distracting graphics and features, but rather a fully-repsonsive high-resolution layout that adapts to any screen and orientation. At the same time, you'll always have visual indications and instantaneous control over input and output volumes, bypass and mute, output mode, as well as an emergency reset button.

A bunch of free pedals

Just Pedals comes with 16 essential virtual effect pedals, namely:

Go get it!

Just Pedals is available for iPhone and iPad running iOS 14+. You must be 18+ years old to use it.

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